BACK Four Living Water interns stand in front a drilling rig while volunteering in El Salvador on a Living Water Trip.

The Impact of Interning with Living Water

by Montana Meador, Marketing and Communications Summer 2019 Intern

This summer, I was given the incredible opportunity to intern with the Marketing and Communications department at Living Water. This experience has given me so many professional and interpersonal skills that I will take into my career after graduating from Baylor University next year.

Working for a nonprofit organization allowed me to gain more experience and have more responsibility than I think I would have had working at a larger for-profit company. Coming into the internship, I didn’t know how I would handle responsibility on this scale because I didn’t want to “mess up” or have to ask a bunch of questions if I didn’t know how to do something.

My team has been so supportive of me since my first day. They have taught me that it is okay to not know how to do everything and that we are all constantly learning. They have encouraged me to speak up when I don’t know how to do something and are always incredibly helpful.

Five Living Water summer interns stand in front of a wall covered in a map.

This internship has also grown me personally and in my faith. I have always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, but I didn’t always know how. My favorite part of this summer has been the Living Water Trip the other interns and I took to El Salvador.

I was able to develop relationships with people in the community we were serving alongside, and even though we did not speak the same language, I created a bond with them that will last a lifetime.

In El Salvador, I got to see firsthand the transformation I had been working so hard for all summer. This internship opened my eyes to global poverty and taught me that the Lord has put a passion in my heart for communities in need.

But ultimately, I have learned that—across all races, genders, nationalities, and ages—everyone just wants to be known, seen, and loved. This is how we can help hurting people around the world and even those that are living next to us right now.

Christ has shown us what true sacrificial love is, and because of Jesus, we are able to help those who feel unwanted and neglected feel that they belong. Living Water has lived out this truth so well. By sharing safe drinking water, they shower communities with the steadfast love God has first shown us.


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