Living Water International has a powerful vision to bring water, for life, in Jesus’ name, to our neighbors around the world. Over the years, we’ve continually refined that vision. Through strategic planning, we ensure that our work remains faithful to our mission while exercising forward-thinking programs and creative solutions that reach our neighbors in need.

Overflow 25

First, we created Watershed, and then Watershed 2040. These strategies provided critical guidance and direction for the long-term work of our ministry. But the world has changed in unprecedented ways since our previous strategies. We are constantly faced with new challenges that require Living Water International to be more focused and agile than ever before to meet the needs of our neighbors with safe water and God’s love.

In 2021, our staff, board members, and neighbors around the world came together to pray, learn, and imagine, creating a more focused strategic plan that will guide us from 2022 to 2025. We call this strategic plan Overflow 25. We are believing and planning for an abundant provision of resources and engagement, which will lead to an overflow of Kingdom transformation in the world by 2025. Join us as we move toward a focused vision for the future with Overflow 25: momentum to power the mission!